Ukrainian government introduces adaptive lockdown until June 22

Wed, 20.05.2020 21:17

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a decision introducing an adaptive coronavirus lockdown until June 22, while the second stage of the easing of lockdown restrictions will begin on May 22, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal has said.

"We need to publish this resolution tomorrow," he said at a government meeting on Wednesday, May 20.

As part of the second phase of easing restrictions, it is planned to launch public transport, urban and suburban land transport. The authorities will allow the holding of sports competitions (limited to 100 people and without spectators) and the operation of hotels, except hostels. At the same time, the operation of restaurants and swimming pools in hotels will remain banned.

It will also be possible to hold services in temples, with a maximum of one person per ten square meters of floor space.

Source: 24TV

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