Ukrainian expert: Hysteria of ROC or…?

Fri, 14.12.2018 14:40

Most experts in theological studies and specialists are sure of the fact that the creation of Ukrainian Local Orthodox Church (ULOC) serves to Ukraine as a powerful agent for mental resurrection of Ukrainian nation and its political and economic development.

That is why the aggressive and hysterical reaction of Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) to formation ULOC and the preceding it Congregative Council testify the fact that Russian imperial citadel clearly realizes the consequences the formation their own church by Ukrainian people will bring, as in this case there will be less levers of influence the consciousness of Ukrainians and thus, disintegration and ruining Ukraine from the inside.

There is no doubt about the fact that by its policy, radicalization and its claim to “genuine Orthodoxy” ROC marginalizes itself to a bigger extent and makes itself schismatic and throws to the roadside of world history.

Archbishop of Constantinople and Ecumenical Patriarch

Most orthodox countries of the world took the path similar to Ukrainian one in their aspiration to obtain Tomos for creating their own local churches, which is why Ukraine is an independent country with its own history and historical traditions in this way follows analogical and evolutionary path. The Kremlin (in the person of ROC) does not want to accept this under any circumstances, as in this case the levers of influencing public opinion in our state lose their power.

In relation to this, provocative acts, organized by Russia and aimed at upsetting the situation in Ukraine for obstruction and (or) adding complexity to holding Congregative Council seems like quite realistic scenario. In order to accomplish all the above mentioned, it is to everybody’s knowledge that RF possesses numerous army of provocateurs and agents of influence in Ukraine that are ready realize this pace of developments with the support from Moscow.

Independent expert A.Bohach

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