ICC Ukraine discussing the cooperation with Egyptian law firm

Mon, 16.12.2019 10:20

The Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine "ICC UKRAINE" received Mr. Volodymyr Mikhailov, His Excellency the Counselor, Zakaria Ismail, Director and Owner of the Egyptian Company "Zakaria Ismail and Associates" for Law and International Law and his official partner in Ukraine, Mr. Mykola Pavlov, President of the company "Yur Kollegi", during his visit to The Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

As the Secretary-General Mikhailov welcomed the honored guests, informing them of the goals and achievements of the International Chamber of Commerce and its branch in the Arab public in Egypt and the role it played and played for more than two decades in developing economic relations between Ukraine and the world in various economic fields, and Mr. Mikhailov touched on the important role Which has always been played and played by Ukrainian diplomacy in Cairo in this direction, and Egypt's important and pioneering role in the Middle East region and its clear position in the balance of trade exchange with Ukraine, indicating the need for legal follow-up of all investment activities in both countries yen.

In turn, Mr. Zakaria Ismail expressed his deep thanks to Mr. Volodymyr Mikhailov and to the International Chamber of Commerce administration, which has been following its work and achievements for a long time through the newspaper "Ukraine in Arabic", as well as for the books and publications issued by the economic laws in several languages, which are today an urgent necessity for all workers in the international legal field , The most recent of which was the book incoterms, which is considered a global achievement.

He pointed out that his company specialized in international law is fully prepared to cooperate with the International Chamber to attract Egyptian investors to Ukraine and vice versa, as his company has great experience in serving Ukrainian citizens in Egypt and citizens of independent countries and businessmen.

In turn, Mr. Mykola Pavlov pointed out that he has been working for years with the Egyptian company, which was characterized by high professionalism and similar legal care for Ukrainian citizens in Egypt, and revealed the beginning of preparation for the establishment of the Arab-Ukrainian Committee for Legal Support Investment, at the initiative of the management of the two companies, calling the International Chamber to participate in this field.

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