Ukrainian capital earned over UAH 60 mln from tourist tax this year

Tue, 24.12.2019 15:54

Kyiv city for the first time has received over UAH 60 million in revenues from tourist tax this year.

Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration Maryna Honda stated this during the solemn annual ceremony "Kyiv Tourism Awards,” the administration’s press service reported.

“Today we award the best - those who due to their work, professionalism, and creative non-standard thinking and determination raise the standards of tourist service in our hospitable city. This has resulted in a significant growth of grateful guests of the Ukrainian capital, who return home with pleasant unforgettable impressions. And this, in turn, increases the city budget and allows further development of modern infrastructure for Kyiv residents,” said Honda.

She added that Kyiv for the first time has received over UAH 60 million in revenues from tourist tax.

Honda congratulated the best representatives of the tourism industry in the city of Kyiv and Kyiv region. In particular, experts and enterprises received awards in 12 nominations for their contribution to tourism development.

Source: Ukrinform

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