Ukrainian border guards define that russian troops prepare for offensive in Crimea

Tue, 16.05.2017 10:11

Russia continues building up its military potential in the occupied Crimea, apparently preparing for an offensive, according to a report by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

"Crimeans are worried about the drastic boost of Russia’s military potential in the annexed territory. Experts say the types of weaponry deployed on the peninsula suggest that the aggressor state is preparing for further offensive rather than defensive operations," the report says.

It is noted that militarization of Crimea is not only a threat to Ukraine but also to the whole Black Sea region.

"Along the administrative border [with the occupied Crimea], border guards often spot [Russian] Mi-8 helicopters performing monitoring flights as well as the active movement of coast guard vessels in the Black Sea," the State Border Guard Service says, noting that warplanes are recorded flying at extremely low altitudes. Since March, Russian troops have also renewed the practical use of their Rys [Lynx] reconnaissance air balloon.

Source: UNIAN

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