Ukrainian average salary reached level of 2013

Fri, 10.05.2019 16:26

The average salary of a full-time employee in Ukraine was UAH 10,237, or US$385, in March 2019 against UAH 3,212, or $394, in March 2013.

"The average salary of full-time employees at enterprises, institutions and organizations in March 2019 stood at UAH 10,237, or $385 in the U.S. dollar equivalent, which was 21% up year-over-year. The average salary in March 2019 almost reached the figure reported in 2013, that is UAH 3,212 or $394," the Ukrainian government's international marketing campaign Ukraine Now wrote on Facebook on May 6.

According to Ukraine Now infographics, the average Ukrainian salary in the U.S. dollar equivalent was $394 in March 2013, $278 in March 2014, $172 in March 2015, $195 in March 2016, $252 in March 2017, and $318 in March 2018.

The State Statistics Service has provided data on average wages and salaries in Ukrainian regions in 2002-2019. The dynamics of the average salary in the U.S. dollar equivalent in 2013–2019 reflect fluctuations of the average forex rate in commercial banks for the relevant period, the report said. The average salary was UAH 3,212 at the forex rate of UAH 8.16 per U.S. dollar in March 2013, UAH 3,415 (at UAH 12.3) in March 2014, UAH 3,863 (UAH 22.4) in March 2015, UAH 4,920 (at UAH 25.2) in March 2016, UAH 6,752 (at UAH 26.8) in March 2017, UAH 8,382 (at UAH 26.4) in March 2018, and UAH 10,237 (at UAH 26.6) in March 2019. The report does not include information from temporarily occupied areas in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the city of Sevastopol, and certain areas in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Source: UNIAN

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