Ukrainian authorities called the number of victims of "drunk" accident

Mon, 10.02.2020 12:35

In 2019, 160 675 accidents occurred on Ukrainian roads (with the participation of children - 4656), as a result of which 3454 people died (164 children), and 32 736 people were injured (children - 4435). Of these, with the participation of drivers while intoxicated, 5189. In 1216 such accidents, 106 people died, another 1616 were injured.

According to the first deputy head of the patrol police department Alexei Biloshitsky on Facebook, the most accidents were recorded in December (10% of all accidents).

However, the majority of injuries on the roads occurred in July and August (19% of all injured last year). The largest number of accidents with victims was recorded on Friday and Saturday (31% of all accidents with dead and / or injured persons).

"By time, the peak of the accident occurred at 17 hours (at that time 7% of all accidents occurred) and the largest number of accidents with dead and / or injured persons also occurred at 17 hours," said Biloshitsky.

Source: UBR

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