Ukrainian army was forced to retreat tonight

Tue, 02.09.2014 14:50

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ Ukrainian security forces have been forced to retreat from the Luhansk airport and the village of Heorhiyivka, Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) information and analytical center spokesman Andriy Lysenko said.

As reported, Russian units earlier began storming the Luhansk airport. Ukrainian troops were forced to begin a retreat because of artillery shelling.

Locals had taken shelter in cellars while the fighting raged. Ukraine soldiers said the separatists had Russian support.

The strategic port city of Mariupol appears to be a rebel target after intense fighting in the area. Some believe Russia wants to establish a supply corridor for Crimea.

One injured Ukrainian soldier said: “They were Russians. We saw them with our own eyes, from the Russian border they were shooting at us.”

The earlier seizure of part of the coastline near Mariupol provided a place from which a coastguard patrol boat was shelled at the weekend.

Kyiv has now released video of the incident – the first action at sea in the conflict.

Two members of the Ukrainian crew are missing while eight were rescued and are being treated for burns.


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