Ukrainian airline switches to cargo to weather COVID crisis – media

Wed, 27.05.2020 20:36

For the pilots, the customer smiles are sadly lacking, but Ukrainian low-cost airline SkyUp says it is finding strength in a crisis after converting most of its planes to carry cargo to keep its fleet in the skies.

Eight of its eleven orange-and-white 737-800 and 900 Boeing planes have had seats removed and nets placed in between the remaining rows to carry freight. Some smaller items are squeezed in the overhead hand luggage compartments.

The privately-owned airline, which launched two years ago, delivered its first cargo shipment in April when it brought medical supplies to Ukraine from China.

It has since done around 250 cargo flights and won contracts in countries such as Britain, France and Germany.

The impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on the airline industry has prompted several carriers to seek state aid.

Source: Reuters

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