Ukraine's military: Russia plans an offensive in Donbas

Fri, 03.02.2017 16:11

Eastern Ukraine could became field of battle for russian troops, which are plotting offensives and clashes, RBC-Ukraine reported citing its source in the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The plans for an upcoming offensive are evidenced with changes in the structure of the illegal armed units. In particular, the number of motorized infantry brigades was reduced from three to two while the number of tank brigades was increased to two at the same time. Russia’s latest military exercises near Ukraine borders, which included working out river crossing, are also a valid indicator.

As reported earlier, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at a meeting of the War Cabinet January 31 allowed the Armed Forces to return enemy fire, at the same time prohibiting any shelling of residential areas.

At the moment, the troops do not go on the offensive, while individual assault raids are allowed.

A 32,000-strong Russian-occupation forces include 40% of mercenaries from various countries, including Russia, 30% of local separatists, and another 30% of the Russian troops on active military service.

As reported earlier, from the start of escalation near Avdiyivka on January 29, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported 10 KIA and another 66 WIA.

Source: UNIAN

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