Ukraine will conduct referendum on NATO - Poroshenko

Thu, 02.02.2017 10:07

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that he will launch a referendum on the country's accession to NATO.

Four years ago, only 16% of Ukrainian citizens supported the referendum, while their share rose to 54% today, Poroshenko said in an interview with Germany-based Funke Mediengruppe, BBC Russian Service reported.

"As a president, I am guided by the views of my people and I will hold a referendum on NATO membership," said the president of Ukraine.

In an interview published by Hamburger AbendBlatt, Poroshenko has vowed to "do everything possible to achieve NATO membership," if the people of Ukraine votes in a referendum on the accession to the Alliance.

As was reported earlier, on January 31 the Ukrainian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly requested that the organization put pressure on the Kremlin over the Russian aggression near Avdiyivka.

Source: UNIAN

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