Ukraine to take course for NATO membership

Fri, 29.08.2014 16:43

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ Government tables in parliament bill cancelling Ukraine's non-aligned status, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, opening a government meeting on Friday, 29 of August.

"The Ukrainian government is submitting for consideration by parliament a [draft] law cancelling the non-aligned status of the Ukrainian state and resuming Ukraine's course towards NATO membership," Yatsenyuk said.

In accordance with this law, he said, the main and common goal of Ukrainian foreign policy is gaining EU membership. The document bans the Ukrainian state to take a decision on membership of any other economic, political or military alliances contradicting Ukraine's main objective - EU membership, Yatsenyuk said.

"After the adoption of this law, Ukraine will be banned from membership of customs, Eurasian unions and other various kinds of the so-called unions, which are basically nothing more than the Soviet Union named after the Russian Federation," he said.

"We are asking the Ukrainian president to determine this law as urgent, as defined by the decision of the National Security and Defense Council, and the Ukrainian parliament should consider it immediately," Yatsenyuk said.


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