Ukraine's success at the International Competition on knowledge of the Quran

Mon, 21.04.2014 23:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ The Egypt Ministry of waqfs held celebrations to mark the end of the 21th International Competition on the knowledge of the Holy Quran at the Conference Hall of The Al-Azhar University. The event was held from 5 to 10 April 2014 under the auspices of the temporary president of Egypt Adly Mansour and the chairmanship of the Minister of waqfs Mohamed Mukhtar Juma.

Among nearly 50 countries participated in the competition Ukraine was represented by Mohamed Ali who took a worthy sixth place.

The talented Ukrainian studies at The Al-Irshad School which cooperates with The Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims (DUMU). This school, in addition to the traditional Ukrainian curriculum, focuses on the study of the Quran and the sciences related to it.

Besides, Mohamed Ali Sabiov is a student of the preparatory department of the Faculty of Sharia Islamic University in Ukraine, which also belongs to DUMU.

A director of The Al-Irshad School Mail Saftarov said that his institution is working hard to raise a generation of educated and highly cultured Ukrainian Muslims. This is also one of the first priorities of the DUMU.

"Ukraine's participation in the International competition on knowledge of the Quran shows the important role of our country in international religious superiority. This is the result of ongoing coordination and cooperation between the DUMU, The Al-Azhar University and The Ministry of waqfs of Egypt", Saftarov said.

Immediately after arriving from Cairo the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Ukraine Mr. Osama Tawfiq Badr met with Mohamed Ali Sabiov and wished him and the Muslim youth in Ukraine success and peace.

According to Minister of waqfs of Egypt Muhammad Mukhtar Juma, these competitions confirm the desire of Egypt, its people, its government, The Al-Azhar and especially The Ministry of waqfs and the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs to serve The Holy Book and the Muslim community.

Minister emphasized that at the most difficult moments of the Muslim history, irrespective of race and language, people find a lot of hope at the Quran.

"Culture, we seek, it is a culture of creation, not destruction, sabotage, anger, blood or revenge. Culture, we want, knows only one way of bringing the highest benefit to the Motherland. The proper Islamic culture focuses on the essence not shape", added he.


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