Ukraine resumed electric power supply in Crimea

Wed, 09.12.2015 12:42

As of yesterday, 08.12.15, Crimea gets electricity on the line ‘Kakhovskaya-Titan’ with limitation. Stress of Universal League equal to 120 MW and breaking stress is 200 MW.

“Yes, of course, if the line ‘Kakhovskaya-Titan’ resides in Crimea, it means that electricity reconstructed. But it is not perfect reconstruct. Three lines, which were brought low, are none reconstruct yet. Now, Crimea is getting electricity wit limitation. Stress of Universal League is 120 MW and breaking stress is 200 MW”, was told in Press Service.

7th of December was reach agreement with Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining governance and Security Officials with Crimea-Tatar’s Majlis about running postlude of planning the line to application of voltage, which was performed after lifting the blockade. Repair gangs finished achievement works on the power transmission line support ‘Kakhovskaya-Titan’.

As is well-known, 22th of November in Crimea stopped electric power supply because of tower’s broken down.

SourceUkraine in Arabic

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