Ukraine Raising English Language Requirements for University

Mon, 15.07.2019 18:31

The Ukrainian Ministry of Education has made it a priority to raise English skills at its universities.

In the future, students entering university will need to have at least a B1 level in English as a prerequisite. A B2 level will be required for graduation, and the ministry will take steps to encourage universities to offer courses in English.

The B1 requirement will take effect in 2023.

If an applicant’s level is lower than B1 when applying for university, the applicant can still enter university provided they take an intensive language course to reach B1 by the beginning of the academic year. The Education Ministry said that all applicants will have access to intensive language courses.

To get a Bachelor’s degree, regardless of specialty, students must reach an English level of B1+. Master’s degree and PhDs will require a B2 level.

Source: Uatv

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