Ukraine plans to send 20 military to Iraq

Wed, 15.01.2020 19:28

Ukraine is ready to send 20 troops to Iraq after the resumption of the mission in the region as part of the NATO mission . On January 14, during a meeting at NATO headquarters with Deputy Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance for Operations John Manza, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for European Integration Dmitry Kuleba said, the press service of the Ministry of Defense on Facebook.

"I informed the deputy secretary general that Ukraine has a plan to send 20 troops in support of the NATO mission in Iraq after the Alliance resumes its work. The invitation to become the operational partner of the Alliance mission in Iraq testifies to the recognition of the value of Ukrainian military experience and professionalism," said Kuleba.

The parties also agreed on the next steps to implement the new NATO approach "One partner - one program", and also discussed the prospects of adopting the national security strategy of Ukraine and the development of documents for its implementation, the press service added.

Source: Ukraine in arabic

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