Ukraine has agreed with Finland on flights for seasonal workers

Mon, 04.05.2020 20:10

Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Vadim Prystayko discussed with Ambassador of Finland to Ukraine Paiwi Laine the issue of departure of Ukrainian seasonal workers to work in the country.

According to "European Truth", this was reported in the press service of the Deputy Prime Minister on Monday.

"Together with its Finnish counterparts, the Ukrainian government will help Ukrainian workers get organized for seasonal work. This includes organizing the required number of flights," Vadim Prystayko said.

He added that safety is the highest priority, therefore, the condition for employers to legally employ Ukrainian workers, to provide quality health insurance and to conduct an observation remains unchanged.

According to Peyvi Linea, Finnish farmers are counting on 15,000 Ukrainians this year.

"Finland has a severe shortage of seasonal workforce. Ukrainian workers have proven themselves very well. They are responsible, decent, hardworking and we look forward to bringing them back to work in agriculture and forestry and other areas this year," the ambassador said.

Prystayko added that the government office now has similar requests for Ukrainian seasonal workers from Austria, Denmark, Norway and other countries.

Previously, Prystayko assured that the government will not interfere with Ukrainians who want to go to seasonal work in Europe.

Source: UkrPravda

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