Ukraine handed Italy a list of its merceneries who fought against ukrainian forces

Sat, 12.10.2019 12:41

Coordinator of the battalion of the National Guard of Kulchitsky Andrey Antonishchak said that Ukraine handed Italy 25 its citizens who fought against Ukraine.

According to him, the list included Italian citizens identified by activists and the military prosecutor's office.

“In part, we found 25 Italians with passports, with phone numbers that they used on our territory, who fought on the side of the separatists, and three, if I'm not mistaken - maybe more today - an absentee suspicion has been announced. It will be interesting to me how the Italian side will react to this when the case is sent to Interpol against those people who fought on the side of the terrorists, and how the Italian side is going to extradite them to Ukrainian justice, ” - Antonishchak said.

“Then we will see the face of Italian or European justice,” he stressed.

Antonishchak did not directly answer the question of whether the Ukrainian side really plans to transfer the lists of these Italians to Interpol.

Source: Ukraine in arabic

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