Ukraine fell by 3 positions in the ranking of innovative economies - Bloomberg

Mon, 20.01.2020 17:26

In the Innovation Economy 2020 ranking Ukraine lost 3 position to 56th place out of 60 in the ranking.

It is noted that Bloomberg analyzes 60 economies - mostly in Europe, North America and Asia.

The rating was led by Germany (88, 21 points), which for the first time in six years moved South Korea. In the second and third places, respectively, South Korea and Singapore.

Closing the top 5 - Switzerland and Sweden. The top 10 also included Israel, Finland, Denmark, the United States and France. Japan lost 3 positions and dropped to 12th place.

China is 15th (+1 position). Russia ranked 26th in the 2020 rating (climbed 1 place), Poland 25th (-3 positions).

The rating of innovative economies is calculated on the basis of information on the intensity of research and development, production of innovative services and goods, labor productivity, activity of patent activity and other indicators.

The index also takes into account the quality of education and concentration of high-tech companies in the country.

Source: EPravda

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