Ukraine climbs to place 64th in Doing Business ranking

Thu, 24.10.2019 17:59

Ukraine has climbed seven spots in the Doing Business 2020 investment attractiveness rating, which is published annually by the World Bank, to place 64th among 190 countries, according to the website of the Ukrainian government.

"The improvement in Ukraine's ranking in Doing Business 2020 by seven positions is a result that speaks for itself. This is a positive signal to Ukrainian entrepreneurs and the green light to foreign investors.

However, this is only the beginning, and we are continuing to work in this area. The Bankruptcy Code began to work three days ago, and the law on stimulating investment activity began to work a few weeks ago. We are intensifying deregulation processes," Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk said.

According to the report, Ukraine improved its performance according to six out of ten indicators taken into account by World Bank experts.

Ukraine has shown the greatest progress in the topic "Protecting Minority Investors" ( up 27 points due to the disclosure of information on final beneficiaries), as well as in the topic "Dealing with Construction Permits" (up ten points).

In addition, Ukraine's ranking was also influenced by positive changes in the following topics: "Getting Electricity," "Trading across Borders," "Registering Property," "Getting Credit."

Source: Ukrinform

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