Ukraine blocked in the UN resolution on the issue of sanctions

Wed, 22.04.2020 18:55

Ukraine has blocked another resolution at the UN, aimed at eroding the sanctions regime.

According to "European Truth", this was stated in the statement by Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.

"Russia does not stop trying to adopt manipulative resolutions at the UN General Assembly. Under the guise of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, they aim to blur the sanction regime. On April 22, the Russian Federation submitted a new document for approval. Culeb.

The Minister noted that Ukraine could not support such a resolution and therefore interrupted the so-called "default procedure" and blocked the initiative.

"We will continue to block Russia's attempts to overthrow the sanction regime. Effective fights against the pandemic will require real solutions that will be of practical use. Political resolutions that pursue the goal of easing sanctions are definitely not needed," Kuleba said.

The Foreign Ministry recalled that two resolutions on countering COVID-19, already approved by the UN General Assembly, co-authored by Ukraine, are an example of effective solutions.

Source: UkrPravda

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