Two ukrainians survived in Kazakhstan plane crash

Fri, 27.12.2019 17:19

There were two Ukrainian citizens on board a Bek Air plane that crashed in Kazakhstan on December 27, and they are alive, Interfax-Kazakhstan has reported, with reference to Kazakhstan's Interior Ministry.
"There were two citizens of Ukraine, a citizen of Kyrgyzstan and a citizen of China aboard the plane that crashed near Almaty," the report reads.

The Interior Ministry later said that all foreigners are alive.

According to Kazakh Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar, two theories behind the plane crash are currently being considered - a pilot error or a technical failure.

According to Tengri News, December 28 was declared the day of nationwide mourning in Kazakhstan.

A Bek Air plane, en route from Almaty to Nur-Sultan, crashed during takeoff. There were 95 passengers and five crew on board. Fifteen people were reported to have been killed in the disaster and 66 have been hospitalized.

Source: Ukrinform
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