Turkish company fought for the right to lease the port of Kherson

Thu, 23.01.2020 17:54

The Ukrainian authorities held the first major concession tender since 2012. Several applicants fought for the right to lease the port of Kherson, including a company from Turkey.

The Cabinet of Ministers on Tuesday, January 21, officially announced the winner in the struggle for the right to concession of the Kherson Seaport. They became the company "Risoil-Kherson."

It is known that in addition to the winner, the Turkish Busserk Liman İşletme Loj, the Ukrainian ones Ukrmorport and the Special Company Kherson Sea Port, fought for the right to concession rents.

The winner will receive the right to operate the port for the next 30 years. For this, he will annually transfer 7% of income to the state budget and pay a one-time 12 million UAH. The amount of investment obligations is about UAH 318 million, although initially the Ministry of Infrastructure was counting on UAH 1.4 billion of investments.

It is expected that the agreement on transfer to the concession of the Kherson Sea Port will be signed within six months.

Source: Ukraine in arabic

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