Turkey: Erdogan promises ‘no terrorists will be left’

Wed, 19.08.2015 17:26

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Relatives have gathered to mourn a soldier killed when militants attacked a military base in Sirnak on Monday.

The sorrowful scene is being repeated elsewhere. The victim was one of at least nine people who died on Monday in a wave of attacks on the security forces.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan says his government will not rest until the terrorist threat is eradicated:

“Preventing guns being fired is not enough,” the Turkish President said in a speech. “Weapons should be put down and buried.

I insist on this. Our fight will continue until not one terrorist is left within our borders and their weapons have been covered with concrete.

” The US Consulate in Istanbul opened its doors to the public a day after a gunfight between police and militants. The Kurdish PKK has said it was behind the separate bombing of a police station nearby in which four people died.


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