Transcarpathia “On the Line”.. by A. Bohach

Tue, 25.09.2018 15:27

The situation emerged in Transacarpatian region inspired by the issue of foreign passports to ethnic Hungarians is quite dangerous and ambiguous. By doing that Hungary with the help of ethnic Hungarians and pro-Hungarian political and community organizations following the example of the Russian Federation with its “Russian Peace” project is trying to restore its regional impact of the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire by propagating the idea of creating Hungarian autonomies on other states’ territories.

However, by applying state resource as well as Hungarian political and state organizations, the primary goal of Budapest in Ukraine is obtaining effective control over neighboring territories of Transcarpathian region covering Berehiv and Vinohradiv regions where the most part of ethnic Hungarians live.

At the same time we may ascertain that this aggressive Hungarian policy helps Russia create new instability zones on the borders with European Union which may outgrow even into military confrontation. If the events evolve according to this scenario the persons having Hungarian passports could be incited to mass shift to Hungary which will be used by the masterminds of the Kremlin as next mass media reason for corrupting the image of Ukrainian power before the elections, distribution of fakes about its “unsuccessful” internal politics, “intolerance” to national minorities, urge for “military suppression” of democratic will expression etc.

Despite the fact that the whole world supports the desire of Ukraine to oppose Russian aggression, Hungary decided to build its own policy on direct intervention into internal affairs of Ukraine. “Delirium” by V. Orban about “pan hungarianism” – is an example of typical expansionism and “Gathering of the Lands” politics, warming up the appetites of V. Putin and by his eyes turning Hungary into the so called “Trojan horse” in EU and NATO that can be used at any favorable opportunity.

A.Bohach. Independent expert

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