Top largest trading partner countries of Ukraine

Sun, 16.02.2020 14:57

According to the results of 2019, Ukraine exported goods worth $ 50.06 billion and imported $ 60.7 billion.

The State Statistics Committee reports about it.

More than 41% of Ukrainian goods trade came from the EU. Over the year, Ukraine exported $ 20.75 billion worth of goods to the EU and $ 25 billion worth of imports.

Poland came second in terms of imports from Ukraine. Ukrainian companies exported $ 3.29 billion worth of goods to the country (6.6% of total exports). Imports from Poland totaled $ 4.1 billion (6.7% of total imports).

Third place - after Russia. Ukraine sold $ 3.24 billion worth of goods there (6.5% of exports). In terms of imports, Russia ranked second after China, with $ 6.98 billion (11.5% of total imports).

The largest part of Ukrainian exports was made by products of the agro-industrial complex. Over the past year, Ukraine has increased its exports of cereals by one third.

In second place is export of metallurgical products, which decreased by 11.8%.

Oils Ukraine sold at $ 4.7 billion, accounting for 9.5% of total exports.

The largest number of imported machinery was in Ukraine - almost 22% of all imports. The share of mineral products (ore, coal, oil and gas) in imports amounted to 21.4%.

Source: Epravda

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