The Voyany-Uzhgorod new gas pipeline was opened by Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Slovakia

Tue, 02.09.2014 19:45

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ Today, on September 2, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and the Director of the internal energy market of the European Commission Klaus-Dieter Borchardt put into commercial operation Voyany-Uzhgorod a new gas pipeline in Velke Kapushany (Slovakia). The Prime Minister said about this on his official page on Facebook.

At the solemn ceremony of opening Arseniy Yatsenyuk on behalf of the Government of Ukraine expressed gratitude to the Government of the Slovak Republic for help and real cooperation in energy security.

"Half a year ago nobody had even hoped that with our joint efforts Ukraine will be able to purchase up to 10 billion cubic meters of gas from the European Union. It is a huge step forward. And we have overcome all political and technical difficulties and we have demonstrated our unity - and if we are united, we are strong", said PM.

He stressed that Ukraine took many important decisions on improving energy efficiency and guaranteeing the energy security and urged EU member states to invest into the Ukrainian gas transportation system.

 "We need solidarity and joint positions in politics and economics, as well as in energy sector. Our joint work, if together we manage and modernize the Ukrainian gas transportation system, will give a 100 % guarantee of supply and transit of natural gas", Yatsenyuk told.

According to PM, this event not a final solution of hard Ukrainian situation but it’s a tremendous step forward.  

"Ukraine today can state and claim that we made this first step together with our Slovak friends and the EU Commission to diversify energy supply, and to decrease the energy dependence. Ukraine has ratified the Third Energy Package. And we started a comprehensive reform of Ukrainian energy sector in order to approximate Ukrainian sector up to the EU standards", he said.

Addressing to audience, the Prime Minister of Ukraine said that a new pipeline is a proof to Russian President that gas has no labels.

 "My reply to Mr. Putin, when he made a statement, actually, a tough one, on this reverse flow, is as follows: this is just gas. If we pay the price, if we pay cash, someone is to transit this gas, and someone is to purchase"

According to Yatsenyuk, Ukraine has only one way to develop as a member of UN.

 "My answer is that we are and we were united – Ukraine and the EU. This is the best recipe to win and to get the victory. And we did it", said PM


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