The U.S. will reduce the number Аir force unit in Germany

Thu, 30.04.2015 09:40

  Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The U.S. will reduce the number of units of the air force, stationed on the territory of Germany. As noted in the Pentagon, these measures are due to end combat mission in promoting security in Afghanistan in late 2014.

Action brought by the end of the combat mission in promoting security in Afghanistan in late 2014.

 In the U.S. going back to 1.9 thousand soldiers of the 12th combat aviation brigade and more than 2.8 thousand members of their families.  The Secretary of defense Ashton Carter promised the Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen that the States will not stop its involvement in the regulation of the situation in Afghanistan.

The US now plan to provide Europe's military support for security in Afghanistan by sending his troops the air force on a short-term mission.

The restructuring will affect three of the 13 brigades of army aviation, including located on the base of Fort Campbell in Kentucky and Kiowa attack helicopters.


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