The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry commented on the support of the UN resolution on Israel

Mon, 26.12.2016 16:05

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry commented on the decision to support the UN resolution condemning Israel. The press service noted that the Ukrainian delegation was for the peaceful solution of conflicts between "two independent states: Israel and Palestine."

On Friday, 23 December, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2334 on the situation in the Middle East. All members of the Security Council, including the Ukraine, supported this resolution, except the United States, which abstained.

Due to the wide resonance and ambiguous reaction of the Ukrainian public on the website of Foreign Ministry appeared comment on the actions of the Ukrainian delegation.

"Our country for many years takes the consistent and balanced position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We stand for peaceful co-existence of two independent states - Israel and Palestine. The settlement of the conflict should be exclusively peaceful means. At the same time, we underline the need for direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. "

Diplomats emphasized that Israel's building of the settlements policy is contrary to international law.

"Ukraine as well as other permanent members of the UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General has repeatedly condemned Israeli settlement activities, since it is contrary to international law.

We also condemn the violence and incitement by the Palestinian side.

The resolution is balanced - it encourages to take the necessary steps for the peaceful solution by both the Israeli and the Palestinian side, Israel must cease settlement activity and the Palestinian Authority - to take effective measures to combat terrorism.

Our country has consistently advocated respect for international law by all and everywhere, as by example felt the tragic consequences that result of its violation. "

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