The Ukrainian delegation spoke at the conference in Qatar

Thu, 16.04.2015 17:25

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ As part of the delegation from Ukraine the event was attended by the Director of the coordination centre for legal aid of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine Andriy Vyshnevsky, Deputy Director Vitaly Baev and the Ambassador of Ukraine in Qatar Yevhen Mykytenko. During his speech Andrey Vishnevsky presented the experience of creation and development of legal aid system in Ukraine.

According to the press service of the Embassy of Ukraine in Qatar, the event was organized by: the Open society Initiative, international organization law and the UN Office on drugs and crime.

He drew the attention of members of Congress on the positive impact that free legal aid plays in Ukraine in reforming key elements of the criminal justice system, particularly prosecutors, police, judiciary, development of advocacy.

"We must understand that the implementation of national laws on legal aid is a key element of ensuring the right to a fair trial," said A. Vishnevsky. Note that in Ukraine the free legal assistance provided by a number of public organizations. In particular, and the international public organization "International Union"

SourceUmma Inform

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