The UAE is the main buyer of Ukrainian pork in the first half of the year

Wed, 22.07.2020 10:32

The United Arab Emirates is the main importer of Ukrainian "haram" product in the first half of this year. In particular, in January-June, Ukraine exported 1.4 thousand tons of pork worth $ 3.56 million, which is 39% higher than last year.

This is evidenced by the statistics of the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

According to the data, the main buyers of domestic pork in January-February 2020 were:

- United Arab Emirates - 139.41 thousand tons of $ 2.34 million (65.68%);
- Hong Kong - 46.72 thousand tons for $ 783 thousand (22.01%);
- Angola - 8.99 thousand tons for $ 151 thousand (4.24%);
- others - 17.13 thousand. tons for $ 287 thousand (8.07%).

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Source: Latifundist

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