The terrorists bombed the Ukrainian position in ATO

Fri, 27.03.2015 11:40

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ "In the area of anti-terrorist operations continuing attacks Ukrainian positions of weapons, which, according to the agreement, the warring parties were to withdraw from the line of demarcation," - said in the message.

This reports the press center of the ATO.

 In particular, in the direction of Donetsk Russian-terrorist groups with 120 mm mortars fired Ukrainian strongholds near the villages of Granite and Sand. While under fire from rocket-propelled grenades hit Avdeevka and Experienced.

Mariupol-based militants during the day 4 times fired on Sirocina - from small arms and rocket-propelled grenades.

On Artemovsk direction of a band three times with a machine gun fired at Lenin. In addition, beaten in the villages Noise and Majercik.


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