The prime minister said how much money Ukrainians will not spend in Egypt and Turkey

Wed, 22.04.2020 18:18

Ukraine will alleviate the negative effects of the pandemic due to the fact that citizens will not spend money in traditionally tourist countries. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal answered the question about reducing the volume of transfers from labor migrants who were forced to return home.

“A part of labor migrants remained to work abroad, and this cash flow will decrease significantly, perhaps by half, but it will not disappear. The second one. Some of the people who returned will seek, invest in business, spend the earned money that they brought with them in Ukraine. The third. According to our estimates, up to $ 5 billion will not leave Ukraine for Turkey, Egypt and so on during the summer tourist season. Therefore, such a natural compensator works by itself. But no one is relieving us of responsibility for those people who are really high-quality workforce, and we must find them in Ukraine. They must create added value here in Ukraine. It is absolutely possible, ”said the head of the Cabinet.

In addition, he added that the state will take measures to improve the situation on the labor market.

“Of course, there are already a lot of people working there, but, according to the calculations of the road workers, with the investment of 80 billion hryvnias in this area, this is an additional 20 thousand additional basic jobs. This is only in this area, and about 150 thousand related ones. Here we have a chance to create several hundred thousand jobs, not just this year, but literally this month and a half, ”said Shmygal.

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Source: RBC

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