The Pentagon has destroyed one of leaders "al-Qaeda"

Tue, 16.06.2015 18:48

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The destruction on its territory of a prominent action of the international terrorist network "al-Qaeda" Mokhtar of Belmokhtar, says the Libyan government, located in the city of Tobruk near the Eastern border of the country.

To eliminate the terrorist managed with the help of air strikes, which causes the bases of militants in Libya, the United States army.

This strike occurred near the town of Ajdabiya in the East of the country, reports the BBC. The Pentagon later confirmed that the target of the operation was really Mukhtar Belmokhtar. How successful was the operation, in the military while not prepared to say.

"We continue to evaluate the results of this operation and will provide additional details in accordance with the situation," said Pentagon spokesman Steve Warren. The source Agency the associated press reported on the condition of anonymity that the plaque was attended by two F-15 fighter, which used several 225-kilogram bombs. Algerian Mukhtar Belmokhtar was considered the organizer of the attack on a gas field in Algeria in 2013, which killed at least 38 hostages, mostly from Western countries, including three Americans.

Messages about resolving Belmokhtar appeared repeatedly, but each time were denied. He is known under the nicknames of "one-eyed" because often wore a bandage covering one eye, and "Mister Marlboro", as funded Jihad due to the smuggling of cigarettes. In the 1980s fought in Afghanistan against the Soviet army.


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