The pension system in Ukraine can become cumulative

Tue, 25.02.2020 14:42

In Ukraine, it is planned to carry out a pension reform under which the Government wants to introduce a system that will allow you to fund yourself and accumulate them during your employment.

Galina Tretyakova, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Social Policy, in an interview with the ZN, ua spoke about one of the possible options for the funded pension system that they are going to develop and implement.

“You can make $ 50 a month, and the Treasury promises to give a little more inflation. It may take some re-equipment of the State Treasury and the creation of a special program in order to be able to open non-budget accounts for individuals. And when we do, the State Treasury will be able to offer citizens, for example, three types of pensions: 200 hryvnias per month, 500 or 700. And this will be a very guaranteed pension plan. Anyone who does not trust the private sector, who does not trust our split, can stay on this budget option, ”the MP explained.

Developing such a system requires tight control by the state of such budgets. The committee is now working on this, as Ms Tretyakova stated.

Source: ligazakon

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