The Palestine President's son and the Palestinian Ambassador to Ukraine visited the Kiev city Council

Thu, 16.07.2015 18:25

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/  Kiev city Council was visited by the Palestine President's son, Yasser Mahmoud Abbas and extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Palestine in Ukraine, Dr. Mohammed Qassem al-Asaad. 

Yasser Abbas thanked for the deepening of bilateral relations between the two countries and gave Thanks and a souvenir from the mayor of Kiev, personalized gift handmade traditional Ukrainian artists and also a book about the capital of Ukraine.

The Palestinian Ambassador etc. Mohamed al-Assad also gave Thanks and souvenir of Kiev.

In turn, the son of the President of Palestine, Yasser Abbas, thanked for the invitation, stressing that he was confident that the Palestinian-Ukrainian relations are prospective and will develop in the future.

Abbas also gave a book about Palestine, and the mayor of Kiev presented a picture panel which is embroidered the Church of the Resurrection. 

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