The opening of boxing tournament among youth for the Cup of the Chechen diaspora

Mon, 03.11.2014 18:40

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ On November 1st, 2014, the boxing tournament among youth for the Cup of the Chechen diaspora was opened in The Spartak sports complex in Kiev. The young athletes from different clubs became the participants of the competition in several weight classes.

The tournament was organized by The International Union public organization (IU).

“Our coach, Uwais Baisangurov, prepares a pot of sportsmen. So we decided to conduct such a children's boxing tournament. This sports hall is supported by the Diaspora to help children of all nationalities and make them and their parents happy”, the representative of the Kiev’s department of The Diaspora of the Chechen people Arbi Kaimov said.

According to Uwais Baisangurov, said that this is a first boxing tournament of this year. “When have agreed to hold this tournament, all sports clubs expressed their desire to participate in it. The sportsmen have come from Lvov, Carpathians, Vinnitsa and other cities. This is very rare”, he said.


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