The number of patients with COVID-19 in Russia has approached 600 thousand

Tue, 23.06.2020 13:35

The number of patients with COVID-19 in Russia since the beginning of the epidemic has approached 600 thousand and is, in particular, 599,705, according to the operational headquarters for combating the spread of the disease. According to the report, 356,429 people have recovered and 8,359 have died so far.

According to official data, for the second day in a row, the number of those who recovered and died is less than the newly discovered cases. In addition, for almost a week, the growth of new cases of coronavirus in the Russian capital Moscow remains at about one thousand people a day. Since the beginning of the epidemic in the city found more than 215 thousand patients.

According to Johns Hopkins University, as of June 23, there were 9,100,994 coronavirus infections in the world, 472,539 people died and more than 4.5 million recovered.

Source: UNIAN

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