The most ambitious of the Cairo international fair kicks off in Egypt

Thu, 19.03.2015 10:46

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The it will involve 700 Egyptian, Arab and foreign companies from 11 countries.

The fair will be held for the 48th time and last until March 27, the newspaper reports Iinanews. The head of the organizing Committee of the event, Najwa Rishad told that this is one of the largest business events in the middle East and Africa, which is aimed at expanding trade and economic cooperation.

This year the fair will be attended by companies from Kuwait, UAE, Algeria, Iraq, Sudan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Ethiopia. "The event gives an opportunity to the businessmen from different countries to meet and enter into business agreements, sign contracts.

 The exhibition will be interesting also to the Egyptians and visitors to the country, because there you can see and buy unique products from many manufacturers.

Also, it will be a wonderful opportunity to expand the cooperation and for the Egyptian business community, because the country every time there is a growing demand", - concluded Rishad. Tags: Cairo, Egypt, fair, exhibition, international exhibition

SourceUmma Inform

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