The Morocco diplomatic corps in Ukraine celebrated the Throne's day

Mon, 10.08.2015 18:58

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The diplomatic corps of the Kingdom of Morocco in Ukraine to celebrate the national holiday – the Day of the Throne.

On this occasion, in one of the hotels in Kiev, the Embassy organized a gala reception, which was attended by numerous ambassadors and diplomats, representatives of the Ukrainian government agencies, clergy, artists, social activists, and many other guests.

Opening the event, dedicated to the 16th anniversary of the Throne Day, the Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Morocco in Ukraine Mina Tunsi said: "Today marks 16 years since the accession of his Majesty king Muhammad VI to the throne of his ancestors. Celebrating this event, Moroccans Express devotion to the glorious throne of the dynasty of alawites. This holiday is a symbol of unity of the people, as well as an important moment in the life of the Kingdom. The celebration also provides an opportunity to summarize the achievements of the country, and to look with optimism into a prosperous and vibrant future."

The Ambassador stressed that the Kingdom of Morocco made an irreversible choice in favor of democracy, the consolidation of freedoms of effective management in order to build a legal state. The Kingdom of Morocco has worked hard to overcome the causes of poverty and marginalization, social inequality, to ensure a decent life for all citizens through the introduction of a number of programs. Including program of the national initiative for human development, which deals with vulnerable community groups, and provides besplatnoe medical care.

According to Mines Tunsi, Morocco in the past few years managed to conduct a number of international structural projects that have put the country on the path to achieving a sustainable economy.

Among the achievements of the Kingdom, the Ambassador said the reforms aimed at strengthening human rights, rule of law, the launch of development projects, re social restructuring, and large economic projects. All this, according to the diplomat, contributed to the political, economic and social stability, which lives in Morocco now.

Also Mina Tunsi noted that its mill occupies a special place on the international stage thanks to strong relations with various countries of the world, based on diversity of identity, geographical position, which allowed the Kingdom to be a link between the African and European continents, as well as to be open to other cultures of the world. All these features have enabled Morocco for a short period to sign a number of important international agreements. Including the agreement, which allowed to obtain advanced status with the European Union and the free trade agreement with more than 50 countries, including the USA.

Morocco in addition to full engagement in the international system that plays an active role in peacekeeping operations in the world as an active member of the UN.

Speaking about bilateral relations between Morocco and Ukraine, Mina Tunsi said that since their establishment in 1992, both countries continue to work to strengthen diplomatic ties with a view to the consolidation of friendship and cooperation in various fields: political, economic, cultural and other.

"Looking forward to the return of stability in friendly Ukraine, its prosperity and well-being, I take this opportunity to emphasize the desire of the Kingdom of Morocco to continue to move forward for the deepening and development of the Moroccan-Ukrainian relations in order to meet the expectations of our two countries. Thank Morocco, glory to Ukraine, glory to the Moroccan-Ukrainian friendship", - concluded the Ambassador.

After the official part of the event, guests were invited to a Banquet, where he was treated to a delicious Moroccan dishes.


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