The Ministry of Health announces a ban on mass events in Ukraine through a coronavirus

Thu, 05.03.2020 15:00

Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko announces a ban on mass events in Ukraine through a coronavirus.

“Unfortunately, in the near future, we will have to take restrictive anti-epidemic measures. We will ban the holding of mass events, conferences, sports events, and we will temporarily close schools for restrictive anti-epidemic measures in order to reduce mass clusters of people, ”Lyashko said during a briefing in New Sanjara in Poltava region.

He added that there are about 10 more suspected coronaviruses in Ukraine.

"There are now about 10 more specimens in the laboratory that may have suspected coronavirus infection due to clinical symptoms, but we will not talk about the diagnosis until there is clear confirmation from the lab," the deputy minister said.

Source: Radio Svoboda

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