The Minaret Newspaper of Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims celebrates 20th anniversary

Fri, 29.08.2014 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ This summer the 100th edition of The Minaret Newspaper has been published by the Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims (DUMU). It was a special edition as the newspaper celebrates 20th anniversary.

The Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Akhmed Tamim appealing to Ukrainian Muslims thanked them for help in developing of the newspaper. Also he reminded the history of its creation and briefly described its purpose.

Also letters and photographs of readers from all over the country were published on the cover of the anniversary edition of the newspaper. The readers thanked the editorial office for the provision of accurate information about Islam and wished further prosperity and success on this way.

The newspaper consists of more than 10 columns with information about religion and history of the Muslim world. For example, The Friday sermon rubric tells about basics of Islam, The History rubric tells the story of the prophets, The Legacy rubric tells about old religious books.

There are also rubrics The Beware of extremism, The Hadiths of the Prophet, The Family in Islam and others.

The Minaret Newspaper gives advices to parents what to do with children in their free time, describes the various countries to go, explain about scientific achievements of the scientists of Al-Andalous, shares useful medical information, etc.

The Minaret is being published from 1994 till today and during 20 years has helped many people to learn a lot of new and useful things and became one of the most popular editions among Ukrainian Muslims.


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