The issues of international relations were discussed in Kiev

Tue, 15.04.2014 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ A 'round table' meeting on the topic "Ukrainian Ethnoses: culture, way of life and traditions. Interethnic and interfaith relations. Paths of integration of national minorities of Ukraine in Ukrainian society" was conducted in Kiev.

The event was attended by leaders of the 29 largest public organizations of national minorities of Ukraine, representatives of the government, the media and others.

Various and topical for today minority issues were discussed at the meeting. The participants plan to establish of the Day of National Minorities in Ukraine, a central executive body responsible for international relations and to enhance a status of the Commissioner for Nationalities to the rank of Minister of National Minorities. As minister was proposed first deputy chairman of the Union of Armenians of Ukraine Ashot Avanesyan.

Earlier, on March 30, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk gave instructions for a creation the Council for interethnic harmony, and the introduction of the post of Commissioner for Nationalities.

Speaking at the 'round table' meeting, heads of public organizations of national minorities have made different proposals about ways of integration in Ukrainian society Currently all the proposals are being summarized for sending to the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

One of the most popular was the common proposal of the Ukrainian artist Qurban Abbasov and chairman of the Russian Assembly All-Ukrainian national cultural and educational society Alla Potapova. They offered to government to provide a state building for the Center of culture of national minorities of Ukraine. Creative groups of ethnic groups will organize and carry out their activities there.

Addressing the audience, the first deputy chairman of the International Union public organization Alexander Kharchenko noted that nowadays inter-ethnic relations in Ukraine are extremely important.

Alexander Kharchenko stressed that for all 134 nationalities living in Ukraine, dominant problem is the lack of a central executive body in charge of international relations. According to him, public policy in this matter should begin from establishment of a central body of executive power and second is introduction of the post of Ombudsman on nationalities.   

In addition, according to Alexander Kharchenko, it must be created a board, with the written authority and procedure of formation in charge of international relations under the central State authority.


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