The Iraqs Ambassador awarded students in Ukraine

Mon, 27.04.2015 15:55

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Iraq SORS Khalid Saeed  April  16  took part in the ceremony of awarding the winners of the II stage of Ukrainian student Olympiad 2014/2015 academic year majoring in "Translation" (Arabic).

The event for the third time takes place on the basis of the Institute of Philology of Kyiv national University named after Taras Shevchenko.

In his speech SORS Khalid Saeed expressed his joy from regular participation in rewarding successful students Arabists from different universities of Ukraine and from the increased interest of Ukrainians in the Arabic language.

The diplomat noted the importance and potential of studying the past, as a language with deep historical roots, language of the Holy Quran, one of the working languages of the UN General Assembly.

He also noted that an appropriate level of knowledge of the Arabic language is the opportunity to become a staff member accredited in Ukraine, diplomatic missions of Arab States, which today operates thirteen, or to be employed in companies on both Sides that need skilled translators.

Event organizers have approved the progress of the Ukrainian students in learning the Arabic language, in particular in the field of translation, and expressed deep gratitude to foreign embassies for their continued support of young Arabists and attention to the Olympics.

As part of the celebrations, the Ambassador of Iraq in Ukraine presented gifts and certificates to the participants of the Olympiad, which took place 1-7, including Kirpal Oksana (I), Koval Julia (II place) and Maria Dyachenko (III place).

SourcePress service of Embassy of the Iraq in Ukraine

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