The Independence: deep roots exhibition was opened in Kiev

Fri, 22.08.2014 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ On August 22, The Independence: deep roots exhibition of historical documents, dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of Independence of Ukraine was organized at the State Archive of the Kiev region.

At first an administration of the State Archive held such an exhibition 5 years ago.

"We haven’t got anything at that time. It was no experience, no equipment, no connections, nor of any idea of ​​how it should be done… But during 2 days we have organized the first exhibition in occasion of The Independence Day of Ukraine. I can say that it was a success for us", a director of the Archive Sofia Kameneva said.

At event were presented various historical documents from the XVII century to the present.

Speaking at the official opening of the exhibition Sofia Kameneva explained difficulties faced during of the search of new documents. According to her, the main problem that a majority of people, who take historical decisions for our country, are our contemporaries, and representation on public display some of the documents may be contrary to the principles of privacy of the individual. However, in spite of everything, new documents still are on the stands of exposure.

In addition, organizers of exhibition have arranged a slide show with pictures of events that led to the adoption of Ukrainian independence, including short film about Ukrainian people requiring the declaration of an independent Ukrainian state.

"The government and people of Ukraine haven’t got a right for any mistake due to current tense situation at eastern regions. We can’t lose our independence had been achieved by our ancestors", Kameneva said.

Head of the board of The International Union public organization Larisa Abramovich who also presented at the event, said that work of employees of the State Archive of Kiev region cannot be overstated. "This is a huge and noble work", she said.


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