The holiday for veterans was conducted at the Kiev Victory Park

Fri, 09.05.2014 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ On May 9, a festive event dedicated to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was held in the Victory Park of Kiev. The holiday was organized by the International Union public organization (IU) with the support of a candidate for the Kyiv City Council Alexander Kharchenko.

Veterans of Dnieprovskiy district of Kiev, representatives of various nationalities, children and vacationers of the park became the guests of honor at the celebration.

The event opened with a concert of a military band, which performed the front-line melodies of the Great Patriotic War and other musical compositions.

Than the organizers and guests of the holiday made their speeches from the concert stage. After this the Orthodox musical group performed some compositions to public.

The deputy chairman of the International Union Alexander Kharchenko said that organization he presents holds annual celebrations on the occasion of the Victory Day. "The new wars begin when the past ones are forgotten. The aim of IU is the consolidation of peace and tolerance in the society. During the Great Patriotic War people of different nationalities have fought shoulder to shoulder. The internationalism was one of the pledges of our victory", he said.

A representative of the Public Council on cooperation with the churches under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Yuriy Reshetnikov also expressed his gratitude to the veterans. He said that representatives of different nationalities try to make Ukraine better and wish to see it as "the pearl of the world".

"Our cause is just, the enemy will be defeated, victory is ours!", he repeated the military slogan of USSR army at World War II.

Speakers congratulated veterans with the 69th anniversary of Victory Day and wished them good health and peaceful sky.

The choir "Sudarushka", an ensemble "Azerbaijan", "Mriya-C", national artist of Ukraine Qurban Abbasov, Polish national ensemble and honored cultural worker of  Ukraine and Poland Victoria Radik also appeared before the footlights.

Besides there was organized the action of children's drawings on the pavement under the name "World without war" and photo exhibition of Ukrainian participants of the international peacekeeping battalions.

Public order during the festival was provided the Public Security Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

There are 1 million and 700 thousands veterans of World War II currently live in Ukraine.


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