The halal wine was invented in Dubai

Wed, 03.09.2014 12:14

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ Lootah Premium Foods says Lussory Gold is an alcohol-removed halal sparkling wine and that the gold leaf rises and falls in rhythm with the wine’s bubbles.

The wine, from the vineyards of La Mancha, Spain, is made in the exact same way as regular wine or champagne. But at the same time Lussory is a 100 per cent halal product with 0.0 per cent alcohol content.”

The company says there has been “great demand” for the halal wine.

Tony Colley, General Manager of Lootah Premium Foods, insisted: “We have experienced great demand for first-class halal champagne from our consumers and clients, wishing to offer a premier experience at weddings, birthdays or corporate events.”


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