The government has identified 20 state-owned enterprises, the first in line for privatization

Sat, 25.01.2020 13:09

Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture audited the public sector and identified 20 priority large and over half a thousand small state-owned enterprises for privatization

The Minister of Economy, Trade and Agriculture Development, Tymofiy Milovanov, wrote on Facebook.

“Ukraine has started the process of privatization of state-owned enterprises. Already this year, our budget can receive up to 6 billion UAH from large-scale privatization, which will take place in a transparent manner and on market conditions. The Ministry of Economy has audited the public sector and identified 20 priority large and more than half a thousand small state-owned enterprises for privatization, ”Milovanov wrote.

The Minister noted that Ukraine is macro-stable. Ukraine opens markets and simplifies regulation.

“Deregulation is the most effective way to fight corruption. That is why we are actively working to reduce the risk of state interference in business affairs by eliminating unnecessary, sometimes, Soviet norms in regulatory documents. Ukraine is reforming its employment. The Ministry of Economy proposes the introduction of employment contracts to establish effective relations between employees and employers. So Ukraine has every chance for an economic breakthrough! ”, Milovanov stressed.

Source: Den

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