The Foreign Secretary of Iraq entertained the Ukraine’s Embassy in Bagrad

Mon, 30.11.2015 13:09

In Bagrad the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq held a meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Head Ibrahim al-Jafari and Ukraine’s Embassy in Republic Iraq Anatoliy Marints.

They discussed about development and strengthening of cooperation between Ukraine and Iraq. In debating the Minister made a point of helping for Ukraine after win a seat in United Nation Organization in determination of humanitarian cases and its efforts, which direct on establishment of peace, safety and stability as in country as in all world.

Ukrainian government expressed interest of Iraq students’ cases, which serve apprenticeship in Ukraine and government confirm readiness to contribute them implement studying and staying in Ukraine.

On this occasion Anatoliy Marinets passed the Ukrainian Foreign Secretary’s letter with thanks to Iraq for helping gaining status in United Nation Organization as nonentity member. He expressed earnest convection that this step speed development international relation between Ukraine and Iraq. Also he noted important part concern Ukrainian companies in Bagrad’s international collection 2015, where they had the opportunity to present “know how” of Ukraine’s industry. Anatoliy Marinets expressed thanks to Foreign Secretary of Iraq for Ukrainian relations with other Ministry of Iraq.

Ukraine’s Embassy encouraged the Minister Ibrahim al-Jafari to promising journey search for development relation between these states.

In turn the Minister assured that Iraq has interest in development double-faced cooperation with Ukraine for their good and for opposition common dangers.

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