The first Ukrainian apples are twice as expensive as a year ago

Sat, 11.07.2020 13:04

Gardeners in the southern region of Ukraine started picking early apples a week later than last year. About this product is almost 2 times more expensive than in 2019.

Prices for the first batches of early apples Ukrainian farms set at 15-24 UAH / kg, which is on average almost twice as expensive as at the beginning of last season.

The activity of wholesale buyers is still quite low, as local gardeners offer early apples in small quantities, larger batches of these fruits will appear on the market in the next 2 weeks.

At the same time, the demand for early varieties of apples today is estimated as restrained, despite the fact that in the current season the gross harvest of these fruits is significantly lower than last year.

Ukrainian gardeners hope that the rate of sales of apples will accelerate, and prices will begin to rise with the entry into the market of apples of later varieties.

Source: Seeds.org

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